Ana Kozul
Customer Relations Manager
CAS Cologne Aviation Service GmbH
+49 171 777 5031
Hello, my name is Ana. I was born in 1996 in Croatia where I grew up in a in small town.
After finishing high school in 2016 I took the next step towards achieving my goals and moved to Germany. I studied German in Cologne and graduated in the following year. My new mastery of the language further boosted my confidence, and I began studying Aviation Service and Management. During my three years of study, I did not only expand my knowledge of the field but also applied my strong work ethic to my job, making many valuable contacts along the way.
In February 2023 i got promoted to Customer Service and Relations Manager at German Aviation Service. In summer, I started my role as Broker, enabling me to work with so many great aviation companies.
If you are searching for the perfect private jet experience, I am your go-to person. Not only will I find the jet for you that matches exactly your individual needs. Along the journey, I will work hard to ensure the perfect experience for my clients—with diligence, dedication and a keen eye on every detail of your personal customer experience.
Customer Relations Manager
as a CRM i am responsible for building and maintaining positive relationships between a Company and its Clients.
My Specific Duties are:
Client Communication - I act as a primary point of contact between Broker/Company and its Client. Understanding Customers needs, adress concerns and ensure overall statisfication.
Problem Resolutions -
I handle customer Complaints and issues, working to find soulutions that meet both the Customers and Companys needs and Policies.
Customer Feedback-
while working with Customers and meeting their needs, i do gather positive and negative Feedbacks and I use these Feedbacks to identify areas for improvement.
Customer Relations Manager plays a critical Role in ensuring customer Statisfication, loyalty and long term success for a Company. Effective Communication, problem-solving skills, empathy and a customer-centric mindset are key atributes for success in this Role.
as a Broker I am responsible for facilitating the arrangements of Private Jets for Clients, ensuring a seamless and luxurious travel Experience.
Key Responsibilities are:
- Market Research - I stay Informed about the latest Trends in the Private Aviation Industry in order to provide Clients with up-to-date information.
- Client Consultation & Aircraft Sourcing - understand the specific travel needs and preferences of clients in order to sellect Private Jets based on their unique requirements and tailor the services to their own taste.
- Coordination and Logistics- I manage all aspects of the Flight arrangements, including scheduling, Ground Transportation, Catering and other logistical Details to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.